I am so glad that you have come to my blog. Here my goal is to help you sort through the jungle of cloth diaper information. I have been doing research on cloth diapering since I began 4 years ago. I have used many types and brands, and I hope to take the information and experience that I have gathered to put it in to a blog that helps you with choosing something that works for your family. My main goal is to save you money, and I hope to do this by sharing with you what works, what doesnt, and what is just as effective but at a better price.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Line drying

So now that spring has arrived and, summer is looming, I was inspired to try out line drying. I hadn't really considered it, because our climate tends to be rainy, but we definately have some sun shiny days. I picked up a retractable 8 foot line and clothes pins from the grocery store, for a few dollars the other day, and decided to give it a go. I hung the line in the corner of our yard and screwed it into the wood posts.

I was thinking that line drying will be yet another way to cut costs. With our summer heat comes very high electricity bills, so the use of the drier 2-3 times a week for the cloth diapers will help to reduce costs.

Another benifet of line drying is getting rid of staining on your diapers. I dont really have problems with stains because I use a diaper sprayer on those poopy diapers. But that new born poop will stain and the sun can fade a lot of that out.

So far so good with the line drying. My prefolds are not going to be quilted and fluffy like they are when I use the drier. Rather they will be flat and stiff. But in the end it doesnt really matter how stiff they feel when you use a fleece liner on top of the prefold, for wicking away moisture.