I am so glad that you have come to my blog. Here my goal is to help you sort through the jungle of cloth diaper information. I have been doing research on cloth diapering since I began 4 years ago. I have used many types and brands, and I hope to take the information and experience that I have gathered to put it in to a blog that helps you with choosing something that works for your family. My main goal is to save you money, and I hope to do this by sharing with you what works, what doesnt, and what is just as effective but at a better price.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Disposable vs. Cloth breakdown

Photo credit: Kathy at My Little Sweet Pea.

I thought that you would enjoy seeing the breakdown of the cost of cloth diapers vs different disposable brands.  And actually her estimate of $800 is much higher than what you would spend if you were using covers and prefolds.  If you were using the econobum kit for $48.95 you get 3 covers, 12 prefolds, and 1 laundry bag.  When I began cloth diapering full time I had 3 covers and 8 prefolds and got by fine.  So all you would need is a diaper sprayer which I made for about $20 with this tutorial.  And finally 1 bag of detergent that lasted me about 4 months per bag at Rockin Green for $14.95. And then you are set! So you really could cloth diaper with a very small investment of $83.90! Then you would be on your way to saving cash by using cloth, my whole goal for you!