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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Review of Sun Smarties Adjustable Swim Diaper

Originally submitted at One Step Ahead

Save money and save Mother Earth, with our adjustable, reusable swim diapers! Nothing contains leaks better, thanks to its personalized custom fit. Best of all: no more soggy (expensive) disposables! Made of soft, peached microfiber, with an absorbent terry lining and waterproof inner coating. UPF ...

Great swim diaper
5out of 5
Gift: No
Pros: Lightweight, Breathable, Strong Seams, Soft, Easy To Put On
Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children
I am a cloth diapering momma and this diaper most closly resembles a diaper cover. Though it is shaped the same and even appears to be made of PUL (water proof material cloth diapers are made with) it is not waterproof even with a prefold on under it. Not that this is what I wanted to use it for but I want other cloth moms to know that.
But the function of the diaper as a swim diaper is wonderful. It has gussets which hold in the poo nicely. It is easy to put on and take off. If you are trying to decided between this and the reusuable pull up type swim diaper, consider this; if your baby poops with the pull up kind of diaper you are going to have to pull down making for one messy diaper change, especially if their poos are on the soft side. Go with something that can be removed more like a diaper because it will be a lot easier to change the child.

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